June 2016 Income Report

Income Report June 2016

What an amazing ride this month has been in terms of growth. It can be hard putting time and energy into something and waiting for the results of all your efforts to kick in but when it does, there is nothing like it. For the June 2016 Income Report I want to share a few tips on how we are bucking the statistical trend.

Tip 1 – When to Post/Share

There have been a lot of studies about when you should share content on any of the major social platforms. These studies include statistics of the best time and day to share on each social platform including trending topics on these social platforms. These statistics paint only a portion of the picture of how someone can maximize there opportunity to share content.

Now what I want to talk about is the power to build momentum. Hypothetically the prime time to share could be in the evening on one social platform so you may share, comment, like, and invite others to share but you have just missed any activity from the beginning of the day. By trying to share the content in the evening only you will begin to build momentum and be on the cusp of having something go viral when it hits the dreaded bedtime for the average user. Most likely than not everyone has a life the next morning and they need to be well rested to go to work, take care of kids, run errands, hit the gym, etc. This is a critical error that some people fall into but could easily avoid.

What I recommend is to post your new content early in the day and begin sharing this new content in the morning, the afternoon, and again in the evening. By doing this you are hitting important social periods of the day and you build the momentum right in the beginning. Your content has more opportunity to build traction, get more likes, pins, shares, stumbles, or whatever you use and people will notice that.

Tip 2 – Break the Norm

Some studies say that Saturday isn’t the best time to share because everyone is sleeping, traveling, getting out of the house, blah, blah, blah. This may hold true most of the time but we have had some of our biggest posts take off on Saturday breaking the general rule.

These viral posts would most likely be deemed an outlier. Now an outlier in statistics is not the norm. Usually in studies they will highlight the averages; however, an outlier is an oddity that can resemble high risk or high reward. Just because we are told when the best time is to share doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity to hit it BIG outside of the given time frames. I’m not telling you to avoid the norm like the plague but to be flexible about how and when you share. Take some risks to see what will work best for you and what you are trying to achieve.

Tip 3 – Innovate and Change

The blogging world is moving at an amazing speed and you will need to as well if you want to keep up. What I would recommend to stay in the loop of how to keep your content vibrant and fresh is to look at some of your favorite blogs that apply to the topic you are blogging about as well as any other blogs you may follow. Look at what they share, how they share, and anything that stands out as not being the norm for everyday bloggers.

For anyone to stand out and succeed you need to study and innovate. One example would be the Food Channel. Back in the day all they did primarily was feature chefs cooking. They still do this today but now they have spiced it up a bit with cooking reality TV shows. This is amazing!!! Not only can I watch people cook and eat food but now I get to see the drama as people compete for cash and prestige. To be a viable blog, you need to shake things up so you can stand above the crowd and get noticed.

Audience Overview

Our pageviews went through the roof for our little site. We had a couple of posts go viral for us and even before that our numbers were already outperforming previous months. Just check out the numbers provided courtesy of Jetpack on WordPress.

Jetpack Data 6.2016

The monthly alone was a 338% from May – June. Now we can’t get caught up in the moment either and think that it will be smooth sailing from here. The graph shows that the spike was only momentary. Momentary or not at least we spread the buttery goodness of Buttercream Blonde to a few more visitors. So we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to create something sustainable. But we are still happy for the success we have had.

6.2016 Analytics


June was a pretty big month for us in terms of revenue increase. In fact our revenue went from $1.71 in May to $4.99 in June. Now that might not seem like much but when I crunch the numbers it is pretty amazing for us. From May to June the revenue increased over 182%! That is a HUGE increase and even though it’s about the value of a $5 pizza from Little Caesar’s, $5 footlong from Subway, or 4 for $4 at Wendy’s that is still a significant change for us at Buttercream Blonde.

Below is another visual of our revenue growth over the 4 month period.

Revenue Growth 6.2016

Here is our overall profit for the month of June.


$4.99 – Google Adsense



Net Profit


THE PROFIT STREAK CONTINUES!!! There were no countable business expenses which resulted in another profitable month. One thing I would like to clarify is that food purchases are not currently being counted as a business expense because we are using what we typically buy within a week to make the food shared on Buttercream Blonde. Down the road as we commit more time and resources to food prep that will most likely change. But for now it is not included.

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  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations on the uptick in traffic and income! What were the posts that went viral for you? Did you try to do anything special with those particular posts to capture some of that new audience? Love you reports – they are super helpful and inspiring! Keep up the good work, guys!

    • KateCurtis says:

      It was the banana bread! I think it was a little unique because my oven died while I was heating it up to bake the bread. So we put the bread tins on the grill. I didn’t do anything different to promote it, but Stumble Upon LOVED it. Its been shared over 4,000 times on stumble upon. Just before the banana bread took off I posted on a food blogger group asking what the point of stumble upon was. The people who responded said every once in a while, something will take off, and sure enough they were right!

      • Amy says:

        That is awesome! I wonder what would happen if you “grilled” another recipe you normally bake in the oven and if that is why it went viral?

        • KateCurtis says:

          I am wondering if the grilling is what helped too. I have no idea. I’ve thought about putting something else on the grill, but I always seem to be in hurry when I’m baking.

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