July 2016 Income Report

July 2016 Income Report

Another month has come and gone. In the July 2016 Income Report I want to say that this month had a lot of distractions. With vacations, 4th of July celebrations, and more it stretched Kate and I out thin. Not to mention that word on the street is these summer months can be some of the slowest food blog trafficking months of the year. That being said we turned our lemons into lemonade.

That is what its all about right? Pressing forward even when you are getting pulled into several different directions. There may be some weeks or months that are slower than others but that is okay. Continue to study and understand what went well and why, than duplicate those successes. Do the same for where you fell short and correct it.

Now we expected this month to be lower because of how viral a few of our posts went in July. I make it sound like July was absolutely awful but it really wasn’t. It actually was our second best month for visits and page views and our number one month for revenue.

One thing Kate decided she needed to do in July though was up her game with her photos that she took. She is a perfectionist and wants everything to look more professional than what she has been sharing. If she is not happy with the picture or how it turned out it won’t be shared. She has been researching techniques and even bought a food photography book to pick up some more helpful tips. This drive to improve is a key step in creating a successful blog. If you have a weakness that is important to the overall vision of what you are trying to accomplish you need to study and put into action what you have learned.

Any athlete is constantly training and being coached on the fundamentals of their sport. Even though they have gone to practice and trained on simple techniques they continue learn how to improve those techniques. The greatest athletes master the minor things so they can perform at an elite level.

Audience Overview

As I was saying July really wasn’t terrible. There were over 3479 pageviews which amounts to 112 views per day. Our views in July were greater than the months of Jan – May combined. Not too bad in our books

Jetpack Data 7.2016


Like I said the revenue was the highest we ever had for any of the income reports; however, we had an added expense for the food photography book that was purchased. It is okay to go in the red from time to time in order to achieve your long term goals. Be willing to invest in yourself to sharpen your skills and abilities so you can succeed with your blog.


$5.01 – Google Adsense


$29.99 – Food Photography Book

Net Profit

– $24.98

July was a learning month and an extremely busy month but we gained some valuable insight to put into play for the future. Until next time, happy blogging!

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  1. Sierra says:

    I like how open you are with your stats. So many bloggers/YouTubers are secretive about their income and I always wondered why. To be completely transparent, most of my income comes from the networks I’m partnered with and Instagram. Networks are helpful because they connect you with brands for sponsored post. I prefer using that instead of ads (because most people use adblockers) but that’s just my personal preference.

    Sierra Berry | itsberrystylish.com ♥ @itsberrystylish

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