Income Report

Hi welcome to the Income Report page. My name is Jacob and Kate is my wonderful¬†wife. This blog was created to share Kate’s special talents as a cook and for you, the audience, to enjoy these flavors as you test the recipes for yourself.

But there is so much more that can be shared than just food, I know that sounds like crazy talk but its true. Kate and I are somewhat new to everything and will be learning from the ground up how we can build a successful, income generating blog. That being said we will be your test dummy’s which means you get to watch and read from a distance how some mistakes will beat us up while others will help us achieve our goals.

Each image below will link you to our monthly report and give you the scoop ¬†how we have succeeded and what lessons we have learned from our failures. Follow along as we cook our way to success ‘The Buttercream Blonde Way!

July 2016 - Income Report

May 2016 - Income ReportIncome Report June 2016


March 2016 - Income Report

April 2016 - Income Report