Income Report – March 2016

March 2016 - Income Report

Welcome to the first income report of Buttercream Blonde. This idea came about when Kate(my wife) and I had the idea to create this separate income segment where you could follow our trials and errors as we attempted to create an income earning blog. We almost brushed it off saying maybe it is too soon to share an income report because our pageviews and income are practically non-existent. We thought maybe it would be best to wait several months or a couple of years when we could really provide value regarding how we built what we did. This thought was quickly thrown aside because why wait?!? Waiting never gets anyone anywhere. It’s time to just jump in head first and make a SPLASH! There really is nothing to lose and there is soooooo much more that we can gain from creating this income report.

What we hope to share with every beginner blogger and even the advanced bloggers are ideas of how you can start earning an income on your site. It doesn’t matter how small it is but where you intend to take it. Right now we are just setting up our social media outlets, updating the blog, creating posts, and sharing the content wherever we can. We are starting from scratch just like the many before us who now have reached their own personal success stories. It’s time to build our story and pour our very heart and soul into Buttercream Blonde so we can create something spectacular.

That being said let me share with you what we have been doing now to get visits, what we have been researching over the past month, and the tools we are using to build our following and earn an income. “Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.” – Nacho Libre

Meet – Plan – Act

Every week Kate and I have blocked out a time to meet, plan, and act on the next stages of Buttercream Blonde. This is crucial because it creates further purpose on what needs to be done with the site. In addition to this purpose we can prioritize our ideas, posts, etc. to know exactly what we need to get done today and what other ideas can be postponed. Planning creates clarity and a road map to success.

Now don’t think because you are doing your blog solo this won’t work, this is completely false. No matter your situation you should set a specific meeting time every week where you can plan and than act. Here is an image of what our agenda(road map) looks like to give you a jump start on what you can do. Sorry there are a few items blacked out because they are AMAZING ideas that we can’t share now but will soon…I promise.

Agenda (1)

Speaking of following a road map I am grateful for my smart phone to point me where I need to go when I travel. Without it I would be lost, just ask my wife Kate and she will tell you that my sense of direction when traveling is pretty pathetic. So the idea of having a map is to give you that send of direction. Planning and thinking about the next steps you will take is giving you clear directions so you don’t get lost. Anyone who has a blog and plans to have a blog will quickly learn that it is easy to get lost, stressed, or depressed. I will call these things negative NOISE.

This NOISE comes in many forms and without being organized and prepared your successful site will come to a grinding halt. Noise that can mislead you can come in the form of over reading and analyzing other bloggers work. I’m not telling you to not do that but rather manager your time to study and than implement what you learn. Don’t just sit and read all day with high hopes and dreams but never move forward to make it a reality. Other Noise that can distract is to focus too much on the visual appeal of the site but forget the bread and butter of what makes you site unique…the content you write. If you never create content it doesn’t matter how long you worked on finding the right template, widgets, or images because you are not reaching anyone. These are just a few of many so BEWARE OF THE NOISE that surrounds you and aims to distract you. Remember, everything you do needs to be managed wisely so you spend the majority of your site learning about and creating new content and secondary to this should be spent on everything else

Audience Overview

Below is an overview of our first months pageviews. As you can see slow and steady build up and than we hit a huge jump due to some well planned posts for Easter. It didn’t stay long but I learned a lot from this temporary increase in visitors.

Pageviews 3.2016

The primary lesson that was learned is the power of understanding the market and the type of posts you will create for your audience. It’s not enough to do mindless work and write posts without any forethought. Sure you could do this and end up being the 1 in a million blogger that being random in your content works but for the most part if you create a plan and focus on your target audience you will have a greater impact.

Be mindful of your target audience and the topics they may be interested in throughout the year. It is amazing to learn that some seasons, holidays, etc have an extraordinary influence in what the general public reads or purchases.


Ah the 1st income report. Please learn from what is presented without laughing too hard. Remember, we are planting a seed right now and are currently nurturing the site to one day bear fruit in the form of a steady income.


$0.43 – Google Adsense


$49.50 – Photography Photo Portrait Studio

Net Loss


Now that you looked over our income report for 3/2016 you are probably thinking, “What a dismal first month” right? But in reality this thought is completely wrong! Obviously the revenue stream is low but it’s a start. That is key! Building something great takes time.  Think about this, in our first month we were able to generate a small amount of revenue based off of our own efforts. I read blogs everyday where people quit their day jobs because they have been able to achieve a sustainable income off their site(s) and I’m not talking about those annoying spam comments at the end of an article where Azum from Timbaktwo earns $3000/wk doing nothing. I’m talking about real people like you and me that have put in blood, sweat, and tears to build an actual business. I’m not saying this site will do that and I have no plans to quit my job because I love what I do but Kate and I want to create a supplemental income together and I want you to follow my journey. Not to see how great this site does but rather learn for  yourself what you can do to build a successful site and generate an income.

Tune in next month’s income report where I will dive into additional tips and tricks that we are using today to generate a monthly income.

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