Income Report – April 2016

April 2016 - Income Report

Month two of our income report. This blog thing isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my wife working on a project together. I love trying the unique foods she prepares every week that I would have never thought of trying. For example, cilantro cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash. I’m not a huge veggie person and will usually smother my salads with toppings and dressings to the point they are no longer a salad, but these dishes are surprisingly pretty good and healthy substitutes to their counterparts. What I am referring to with the sunshine and lollipops statement is how much work you can put into something and see such a small return.

Now given this is only our second month and we have a long way to go before we start seeing some real results but it can be disheartening sometimes. Our views are increasing compared to what we had when we started but it is exhausting. Building a blog is more like a marathon than a sprint right? We have to pace ourselves to reach our goals of an income generating blog that is also an enjoyable hobby for Kate and I. It makes me think about the movie What About Bob where Bob Wiley meets Dr. Leo Marvin who diagnoses him as, “almost-paralyzed, multiphobic personality What About Bob?who is in a constant state of panic.” This is pretty accurate with someone who starts building a blog. There are times you feel paralyzed with fear because your knowledge or experience is limited. There are times you may have a multiphobic personality and your emotions and reactions do not reassemble the person people know you to be. Then there are times where you are in a constant state of panic wondering if you will ever achieve your goals.

But let me share a little trick to success with you about just taking, “Baby steps.” Dr. Leo Marvin shared this insight with Bob who takes the words quite literally and starts physically ‘Baby Stepping’ through his fears. This movie is absolutely hilarious but these insights are applicable to this blog right now.

Do Kate and I have fame…no. Do we have an endless supply of resources to funnel into this business and pay for advertising…no. What we have are strong willed spirits, energy, work ethic, and fun personalities. Everyone has something that makes them unique and that will make their blog unique to them and their audience. Persevere and don’t be distraught as the going gets tough.

Blog Post Success

Now this is an interesting note. You never know which posts will truly generate viewers to your site. You can plan and prepare some great posts and eventually get a feel for what should be successful and what won’t be but it is hard to pinpoint the posts that will truly take off. For example Kate created a dessert she named the Samoa Rice Krispy Treat . This was her second post and didn’t make huge waves when it hit but now it is gradually picking up speed. More and more people are repinning it on Pinterest and visiting the site because of it.

So what you learn is that the initial reactions does not determine the long-term success of any post that you create. This follows the “Baby Steps” concept.

Blog Posts

Further following on this “Baby Steps” concept we started seeing steady growth near the end of April because of the simple tasks we have dedicated our time to while creating posts. These include:

Weekly Meetings – Holding weekly planning meetings where we can review our goals, successes, and failures. These meetings will help you refocus your efforts and remind you of your vision for the blog you are working on. It is easy to quickly get distracted and lose the initial excitement but by holding these meetings you will see what you have done over the last week and how that work will lead towards your longer term goals. For an example of a weekly planning meeting template visit the Income Report – March 2016 under the Meet-Plan-Act subheading.

Research – Studying and applying the lessons learned to your blog. Action is a necessity for your blog to grow and thrive. But it’s not just working hard it’s working smarter. Constantly study and research your topic and ideas to build something unique that you are truly proud to share.

Be Social – share what you are doing. Your family, friends, and others in the blog world are interested in what you are doing so share it! Be weary to not suffocate them with your blog by making hourly posts but occasionally share your successes and invite them to follow your blog. The confidence gained from sharing what you have can bring excitement and add additional incentives to be successful. For example Kate. She has a great personality but she worried about sharing the blog with friends and family because she wanted it just perfect. The problem is that a blog is never perfect, it’s always a work in progress. Another problem with not being social is the lack of quick support you receive which is vital to you and the blogs overall success. When Kate decided to start inviting some of her friends to follow her blog via Facebook and other channels (which I higly recommend you to like as well…hint, hint) we instantly saw growth in viewership and shares of content. But that wasn’t all it did. Kate and I have become more motivated now to produce quality pictures, articles, and content to share. Be social and confident in your abilities.

Audience Overview

Now the recap from April. As you can see everything was stagnant for the 3/4 of the month but near the tail end everything has started to pick up. This is a combination of some of our posts receive more pins, likes, etc. and Kate invited just a few friends and family to follow Buttercream Blonde.

Pageviews 4.2016



$1.57 – Google Adsense



Net Profit


That’s right we made a profit for 4/2016. Not much of one but a profit is a profit. This is an improvement from the previous month where we were in the negative due to a few purchases that we made. This is what we expected for the first few months and as we continue to post, try new things, and build our following we will continue to watch this amount grow.

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