How to Cut a Recipe in Half

I know we’ve all ran into this problem before. You want need some brownies, but you don’t need the whole pan. A half recipe will suffice your chocolate craving, but how exactly do you cut 1/3 cup in half. Or 3/4 cups? We’ll, I’ve done some research and I put together a chart for all of us who need a quick brownie fix, but don’t want to pull out our fat pants after we indulge. I keep this right on top in my recipe binder.

Cut A Recipe in Half

Desserts aside, my family and I aren’t huge left over fans. We’re one and done kind of people at my house and I don’t have that many mouths to feed, so a 13×9 casserole is way too big for us. Halving recipes is just a way for life around here. My printout is well loved and I use it almost weekly.

Click on the link for your own PDF printable. Cut a Recipe in Half

How to Cut a Recipe in Half

Now what to do about that pesky egg? Watch out tomorrow for my tutorial on how to cut an egg in half!


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