20 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for Adults and Kids

Would you be mad if I told you I really don’t care for St. Patrick’s Day? I never caught a dang Leprechaun in elementary school, no matter how hard I worked on my trap, I was a little put off by corned beef and cabbage, and I ALWAYS forgot to wear green. Green isn’t my color and I am not sure I even owned anything green for a few years during the brutal pinching years. I remember drawing pathetic clovers on my hands to avoid any attacks. Now I am slowly learning to have fun with it. I can have fun with anything if food is involved! I’ve complied a list of food that is green, just for St. Patrick’s Day sake, food for kids, and food that is a little more traditional.

St. Patrick's Day

1. Layered Melon Kiwi Jello Cups How pretty are these? You can even skip the kiwi garnish and they will still be a fun treat! The best part? There are only three ingredients!

Layered Melon Kiwi Jello Cups - a fun layered jello dessert for Spring or Summer!

2. Pretzel Pops If you are looking for a fast easy treat for your kids to bring to school, here is your answer. Pretzels dipped in candy coating. Sprinkles optional.

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Pretzel Pops

3. Irish Flag Veggie Tray Nothing too fancy here, just an Irish flag veggie tray. The snap peas can be switched out for any other green vegetable. Pickles, green pepper slices, broccoli, you name it. A really easy treat to share with your co-workers.

Irish Flag Veggie Tray

4. Mint Chocolate Cookies Who doesn’t think of mint when it comes to green treats? These Andes mint cookies are to die for.

Mint Chocolate Cookies

5. Lime Sherbet Punch Forget St. Patrick’s Day, I want this everyday! A refreshing drink for those of us who might be in a heat wave right now. Or who just need an excuse for some ice cream.

Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch

6. Leprechaun Pot-of-Gold Oreos A treat that is sure to wow the kids! Gold oreos. Buy edible gold spray paint from Wilton and go to town, and maybe even let the kids help with this one. They’ll love practicing their artistic skills on oreos and being able to eat them too.

Leprechaun Pot-of-Gold Oreos

7. Mint Oreo Truffles Another easy one here and the kids can help with this one too. Three ingredients, some dipping, and sprinkles and you have a treat to bring to your St. Patrick’s day party. Wham, bam, pretty oreo truffle ma’am.

Mint Oreo Truffles

8. No Bake Shamrock Cheesecake Creamy and oh so delicious. This treat is sure to impress, especially if you take the extra step to make the marshmallow shamrock.

No Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Shamrock Cheesecake

9. Leprechaun Bark This stuff could easily be addicting. Be careful! Or not. 🙂

Leprechaun Bark

10. Irish Lemon Pudding A traditional Irish dessert if you want to have some culture, and not just green. Not that there is anything wrong with yummy green sweets. Don’t be intimidated by this! Six common ingredients, and it’s a lot like making a cake!

Irish Lemon Pudding

11. Corned Beef and Cabbage Chowder This is one way I will eat corned beef and cabbage. Plus this soup is extra creamy and full of flavor. Can’t wait to dip that french bread in it… Or some traditional Irish bread.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Chowder

12. Classic Irish Soda Bread Traditional bread to serve up with your corned beef and cabbage soup. Another recipe not to be intimidated by. Much easier than it looks!

Classic Irish Soda Bread

13. Irish Pub Salad If your looking for a lighter way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day here’s your answer. Throw some dressing on this and you’ll be celebrating like a Leprechaun.

Irish Pub Salad

14. St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods Another easy dipping treat! Pretzels, dip, sprinkles, and once again, you’re good to go. I personally love the sweet and salty mix of dipped pretzels.

15. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie Oh man! Ice cream pie? I could eat this all by myself. In fact, I think I will. Right now. Excuse me.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie

16. Key Lime Swirl Cheesecake Bars Everyone will love this! Creamy and sweet with a kick of sour to make for a refreshing, cool dessert.


17. Brownie Mint Trifle Please and thank you. Brownies are my favorite dessert. Topped with mint pudding, this is almost like a extra creamy mint brownie.

St. Patrick's Brownie Mint Trifle

18. Shamrock Shake No St. Patrick’s Day is complete without a shamrock shake. I am a huge fan of Shamrock shakes. If you want to skip McDonalds, make your own with this recipe.

Shamrock Shake

19. Authentic Corned Beef and Cabbage I am pretty sure this is as authentic as it gets. This is the Thanksgiving of Ireland. Plus, you can turn the left overs into a tasty Ruben sandwich!

Authentic Corned Beef and Cabbage

20. Irish Potato Pancakes Last but not least! I love a good potato pancake. The perfect side to your corned beef and cabbage.

Irish Potato Pancakes

A huge list to inspire you for all your St. Patrick’s day cooking. I don’t know how I am going to pick! Potluck, anyone?

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