So Your Baby has a Cleft Lip Part 1: Finding Out

I have been trying to figure out what to do with my little blog here. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t like forcing myself to cook… But I wasn’t quite ready to give it all up completely because I enjoy writing.  So for now, I will be blogging about my new little boy, Eric and our journey to correct his cleft lip and palate. I know I will want to remember all the details. Chances are a grandchild or two will have a cleft lip and I want to remember all the details.

We learned that Eric would be born with a cleft lip at his 20 week ultrasound. Everything was going well and the Ultrasound tech chatted with us while she did all the measurements and checks. Then she got to the face and brushed over it really quickly. I remember thinking to myself, “That was quick.” She got quiet, the ultrasound ended and she asked me very abruptly who my doctor was. I thought to myself that there must be something wrong, but for whatever reason I didn’t think much else about it. I was just excited to call my parents and tell them that they would have another grandson. I made my calls, and went down the hall to do a urine sample. When I came back from the bathroom I noticed a few nurses and another ultrasound tech huddled around the lady that did my ultrasound. “Yup, somethings up,” I thought, but again, I didn’t think anything else about it and thank goodness because I would have jumped to horrible conclusions. The doctor finally came into the ultrasound room and I saw “cleft lip” written on a paper before he said it.

Cleft lips run in my family so I wasn’t shocked at all. This is the fourth cleft lip that I know of. In fact, in the past I asked the tech to look for a cleft lip, but I forgot this time. I drove away from the hospital feeling a little sad and I’ll admit that I cried a little. Maybe I was a little overwhelmed by the unknown or maybe I was feeling a little vain on behalf of my little boy. Either way, it was good to cry and get those emotions out.

We learned that we would have an ultrasound at 28 weeks. I was happy about that because I’ve never had an extra ultrasound. There they look for any fluid in the belly or the lungs. Eric looked just fine. It was hard to lay on my back that long! I’ve tried my best to label what you’re looking at, but I don’t know if it will be any help!

In the picture above, the untrained eye probably wouldn’t see anything. But if you look closely you can see his lip going up towards his nose.

Here you can see his lip going up to his nostril.

Next up! What happened at the hospital with our cleft lip/palate baby.

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